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I really miss my morning oatmeal!


Somebody please make and eat these for me. Kthx.

Something to read. “Cities are known for setting trends; hipsterism is about anti-trends. It sounds funny, but hipsters in Omaha may actually be cooler than hipsters in New York City — everyone knows about New York City.”

Yep, that’s right, we most definitely are.

Something to listen to. Hot off the presses.




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Wine, Leather, and Andrea Bocelli

I haven’t written a music post in a long time, even though I think of it every time I’m out on a run. Most of the music I would be sharing, if I should ever remember to write the post, would be American (or Canadian), so I wanted to make my priority posting a video of a very talented Italian, Andrea Bocelli.

He’s pretty famous, so a lot of you have probably heard of him, but I hadn’t and hearing him in the car one night this weekend kinda changed my life. His voice is so beautiful. I like this video because a couple is figure-skating to his music and he sings with a young lady who’s also very talented.

So, here’s “Vivo Per Lei,” trans. “I live for her”

Now a few images of my weekend with my mom and dad in Chianti.

And a preview of the best thing I’ve bought in Italy: it’s something leather. The reason I’m keeping you in suspense is not just to be maddening, but because I only have a photo of it under lamplight, and I want one in natural morning light tomorrow. It makes a huge difference, trust me. Can you guess what it is? (Mom, Dad, Katie, and Jeff, no spoilers!)

Venice is off this weekend, but it’s just as well because I have a ton to do regarding midterms and fall break/marathon travel preparations, as well as a haircut and a touch of shopping. As long as I stay away from downtown during the worst tourist hours Saturday and Sunday, it should be a delightfully low-key weekend.

Love to all, thinking of my mama and daddy as they arrive home and head back to work…



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The Value of Silence

…… I couldn’t resist. :)

So the other day I read this article, “The End of Solitude,” by William Deresiewicz, which Jeff sent to me because it was pertinent to one of our conversations.

I’d wanted to think and read and reflect a whole lot throughout this semester, and already suspected that the way to do that for real was to turn off the outside noise. Not just the radio, but the news, the cell phone, Facebook, email, even reading other blogs, and just take some time to go inside my own head.

It was the best idea ever. I’ve made little changes like driving in silence, reading more of the Bible, copying down favorite passages and poems of mine into a notebook, and asking myself what my concrete goals are and then writing them down. It’s really incredible– how much my brain will do when I stop feeding ideas conceived by someone else into it. I’ve already made progress on a project I wanted to realize this school year, finished more books in the span of two weeks than the rest of the summer, and improved my self-discipline.

And that glorious recovery run I took on Sunday? Completely in silence. If my music had been blasting, I wouldn’t have been able to hear St. Margaret Mary chime, children laugh in the park, or the “hellos” of other runners.

I really recommend reading that article; it opened my eyes to all sorts of things that can be achieved in solitude, and in silence.

More to read that will make you think:

The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

The Jargon of the Novel

What about you… do you have music/texting/television going all the time or do you give yourself alone/quiet time? Is there a point when that becomes too much alone time?

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LRS 8/13: A Frenzy of Firsts!

Today was an adventure! It was (A) the first time I ran more than 13.1 miles, (B) the first time I tried protein powder, (C) the first time I tried chia seeds, (D) my first Larabar, and (E) the first time I did a long run in a Lululemon bra and tank. And, of course, the first time my brother Dan has ever been 24 because it’s his birthday!

All were great successes! So here goes.

Distance: 14 (!) miles

Time: 135 minutes. I realized the gym was going to close before my time was up so did the last 5 miles at a 9 minute pace. Pretty proud!

Location: Gym though it was a beautiful day. Dad was going. And I put hills on the treadmill almost the whole time.

Entertainment: This beastly playlist, plus a few more songs I added to make it long enough (haha). Seriously though, I need to make a new CD for the car because these jams are BALLER.

Fuel before: Breakfast- a slight variation on Brittany‘s recipe for Protein Overnight Oats. <3 her blog.

Lunch- a lovely, delicious salad featuring garlic & herb goat cheese, and half an avocado. Mmm.

Fuel during: a Ginger Snap Larabar and a Pomberry Zico (coconut water)

Fuel after:

Coconut milk yogurt, 1/3 banana, a handful of granola, and a handful of tart cherries (good for muscle recovery)


A delicious dinner starring salmon. Because I am a salmon freak. Seriously. I basically order it whenever it’s on the menu.

Appetizer was a Smoked Salmon Latke which I split with my dad (we were out together :) and main course was a Seafood and Vegetable Crepe. Both amazing. We went to Dario’s, the Belgian brasserie where my brother currently works. Since he had to work on his birthday, we went to visit him.



Lululemon Run:Inspire crops, Lulu Cool Racerback, Lulu 50 Rep Bra, Nike headband, Smartwool socks, Brooks shoes.

So, all the things I tried for the first time today went really well! Here are some thoughts.

(A) The distance. My body held up for me and so did my mind– just as important in distance running. And the best part? The sense of pride I felt when I finished. If you don’t know me well, you don’t know what a perfectionist I am. Often with my papers, exams, and creative writing at school I’m always telling myself, “You could have done better, you should have worked harder, you should have spent longer, etc etc.” I like running because my goal for the day doesn’t have degrees of doing it– I run the distance or I don’t. And when I do, I get to feel 100% satisfied. And proud, especially when it’s new territory, even if that’s only .9 of a mile new.

(B) Protein powder. I swear it worked wonders. In combination with my sugar cleanse, the scoop of protein powder in my morning oatmeal made me feel really strong through my whole run. I took it faster than usual, and with more hills. Unless it was the placebo effect… ;) (If anyone’s wondering I used Whole Foods 365 brand Whey Protein, vanilla flavor. I wanted to try Sun Warrior because I hear great things about it at EBF and Fitnessista, but nowhere in Omaha carries it.)

(C) Chia seeds. Kind of neutral here because they didn’t change much about my oatmeal, maybe made it a little more gelatinous, but the nutrition facts are certainly hard to argue with, especially fiber content. Brittany certainly swears by them, so I’ll play around with them a bit more before making a final evaluation.

(D) Larabar!!! Loved it. The consistency was good, loved the taste (I’m a ginger junkie), it gave me something to look forward to mid-run, and there are only SIX ingredients: dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Which means gluten free and vegan. I’m seriously in love. Can’t wait to try the whole cornucopia of flavors, esp. carrot cake, blueberry muffin (in my cupboard), banana bread, and lemon bar.

(E) Lulu bra and tank. Really comfy. No chafes at all, this was a winning combination and as of now, is what I plan to wear to the race! :)

My mom just got home from a trip to Chicago, so I’m out for the night. Peace and enjoy the links!

Love, Jane

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Miracle Cure

What’s up, guys? How’s your Tuesday?

I have to admit, for the past two days I’ve been dragging. I crashed after work yesterday, overslept my alarm this morning, basically inhaled my coffee once I made it to work, and have had the (sugar craving) munchies all day. And now I feel like I could pass out again! I would do anything to beam myself back to my hammock in Wyoming.

Yesterday I wasn’t scheduled to run but I knew I had to do something to get out of my funk, so I put on my Guilty Pleasure Playlist (below) and took a really easy jog once around the park. Being out in the fresh air and getting smiles from other runners and walkers helped immediately. And after the gentle 2.5 miles, my body was like… what? I’m done already? Then I ate some salmon and peaches with vanilla ice cream and did a lil’ yoga flow. It was very nice. :)

So I’m gonna do the exact same thing today, thanking God that my body knows to perk itself up with exercise, but also that the distance scheduled is only three miles… cause, well, I’m a tired lady.

In case you need a pick-me-up as well, here’s the GPP, aka music’s version of ice cream.

  1. Speed of Sound – Coldplay
  2. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Bublé
  3. Good Life – One Republic
  4. Straight Away – Mat Kearney
  5. Swallowed in the Sea – Coldplay
  6. Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae
  7. San Francisco – Brett Dennen
  8. Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer
  9. Houdini – Foster the People (<– they are all SO attractive)

Total time: 34.6 minutes.

Enjoy! xox

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Long Run Stats 7/30

My friend Tom and I decided to take our long run along the Wabash Trace Trail in Council Bluffs, Iowa yesterday in the late afternoon. It was a really pretty route with all sorts of lovely rural Midwestern scenery. The trail slopes slightly uphill on the way out, so I felt like the way back should have been easier than it was. Hmm…

We had an adventure!

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 110-ish minutes. We stopped for some breaks.

Difficulty rating: 8.5/10. It was hot and humid though we were in the shade much of the time, but we didn’t plant any water along the way. Once we were fully dehydrated, running got really hard. Tom was super positive but by the last three miles I was hitting the wall and we were speaking in monosyllables. Sorry, friend…

Wore: Same Lulu crops (they’re magic), same shoes and everything, but switched out the tank for a Nike DryFit Cotton tshirt. Very comfy.

Blisters: none, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about this top… Look at the back view. It’s just too cute.

Soreness: back: lower and upper, for some reason. Might have been leaning funny on the incline or just using bad form cause I was tired.

Temp outside: Probably about 90 and humid. Eeps.

Entertainment: talking to Tom, Tom singing, the scenery (Olivia and Hannah Marie, he was singing none other than HORSE OUTSIDE because we ran past some horses and, well, it’s just the best song to run to.) Warning to my wonderful aunts and uncles, you probably don’t want to click that link.

Recovery: tons and tons of water, driving with the windows down to some really great ’90s music, a mango/banana/soy smoothie from Caffeine Dreams, a huge (sweaty) hug from Joe (he’s one of my favorite people ever and he’s been gone all summer), AND…………

One large Zio’s pizza. Half chicken feta, half chicken pesto. That thing tasted like the best food I’ve ever eaten. We demolished it.

Jane and Tom: 1. Pizza: zero. I consider that an accomplishment.

Afterwards we jumped in the pool at my house and crashed to watch the always delightful 500 Days of Summer.

It was quite the adventure all in the name of running, which I think bodes well for many adventures-in-the-name-of-running over the next four months.

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Featured Running Song

Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons.

This has been my go-to warmup song for the past week or so. I just love Marcus Mumford’s voice. And British guys in general. :) Enjoy the live recording. It seems like he’s getting really emotional.

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