Hello! My name’s Jane and I’m a junior English major training for the Athens Marathon during my semester abroad in Florence, Italy.

I’m combining my runs, my weekend explorations of the many regions of Italy, and my love of creative writing into one multifaceted project: a cultural journey, an internal search for present-mindedness, an extreme physical challenge, and a search for my creative voice through constant experimentation.

Read the whole proposal for my project here.

Other things I love are yoga, used book stores, driving my Vespa, Humphrey Bogart movies, fresh air, homemade bread, hot coffee, memorizing poetry, wearing scarves, riding bikes, eating crispy apples, soulful music, my friends, and mindfulness.

Photo credit / Kallie Larsen


5 responses to “About

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  2. I’m excited to read your blog

  3. Paula

    This is so creative–I absolutely love it. You write beautiful words and tell great stories. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Patricia Wade

    My dear God daughter Miss Jane,

    Your blog is something very special and I love reading all about your thoughts and travels. I actually forgot about Grandma Barbara’s oatmeal cookies. You must make me some when you are home for Christmas Vacation and New Years celebration.

    I love you and miss you but I do have one question???? What is the “Percalator”

    XXOO – Aunt Patty

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