Time to Say Goodbye…

Hi friends and family,

This schweet little blog has served its purpose and now I’m ready to move on to something fresh and new! That something is already kinda in the works so I’ll keep yah updated.

The URL is gonna stick around for a while still ’cause I’m accountable to the wonderful people back at school who gave me funding to run this marathon, and so you can read old stuff that’s already published, but I’m going to stop writing new posts as of now.

It’s been real! It’s been fun!





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5 responses to “Time to Say Goodbye…

  1. Dad

    What an accomplishment! What a young lady! What a blog! My pride runneth over. You set out to do this Very Big Thing, and you did it! Wow! Endless love to you.

  2. Patricia Wade

    “Say it ant so”!!!!!!! I will miss this blog as I look forward to reading it everyday! But I understand, nothing last forever:)

    Much Love and congrats on reaching yet another goal! Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving Miss Jane.

    XXOO – Aunt Patty

  3. Patricia Wade

    sorry…typo………ain’t – PW

  4. Laura

    I’m so glad you documented your travels in this way. Looking forward to the something fresh and new you speak of. Congratulations again, Jane!

  5. Paula

    Enjoy your classes and your remaining days in Firenze! I hope you have a little extra time to travel and sight-see, too. The Athens Marathon Project was a tremendous success and brought so many of us such pleasure. You are a gifted writer and excellent young lady!

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