It was cold, it was rainy, it was hilly, and it was AWESOME

I completed the Athens Marathon in its 2501st year, in 4 hours, 42 minutes, and 17 seconds. I made tons of friends from around the globe. I ran up so. many. hills. In the very cold wind and drizzle. And every second of it was amazing in a way that’s hard to explain. I loved every minute of that marathon, from when I met a nice American couple at 5:30 in the morning, to the finish when I exchanged hugs with my new friends (after running 26.2 miles together, they feel like best friends) and said goodbye. I’ll sound so melodramatic, but this was truly the greatest adventure of my life.

I’ll give you the full story tomorrow when I have my brain back. For now, crashing, up at 4:30 to go to the airport, and trying to make it to class by 1:15. Life certainly goes on post-race, and I’m already excited to pick out another one and train for it. Maybe Charlotte Thunder Road next fall?





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6 responses to “It was cold, it was rainy, it was hilly, and it was AWESOME

  1. Karyl

    We are so proud of you Jane! So were you strong to the finish? So – you were running over 6 miles per hour? Congratulations!!!

  2. Dad

    Perfect. Mountaintop. Most excellent young woman. The winner in men’s division said he did pretty good considering it was cold, wet and hilly.. you’re
    analysis spot on. Mom and I could not be more proud. Love, Dad and Mom

  3. Patricia Wade

    Dear Jane,

    I am just kinda speechless…….you are so amazing. I hope when you return to the states and we spend Christmas together, I hope I can keep up with you!!!!!

    Love you tons and am so very proud of you!!!!!

    XXOO – Aunt Patty

    PS Love the photo…………….!

  4. Paula

    Dad and I began checking the marathon website early this morning for reports, pictures, and postings. It was so cool to see names flowing in . . . And when we saw YOUR name pop up . . . well, I just cried happy tears for you! I could just imagine you there. Victory! Love, Mom

    • Jo

      How exciting to see the results like that, Dan and Paula! Way to go, Jane! If I ever train for anything, I would like you to be my coach! What a wonderful accomplishment, and absolutely incredible that you are already dreaming about your next marathon! I hope you are getting some good rest and good food. Can’t wait to read more about the race! Love, Aunt Jo

  5. Laura

    Jane! I love that you loved every second of the experience. Makes it all totally worth it, doesn’t it? Congratulations again to you, and I can’t wait to hear more. Gosh, a semester in Florence, the Athens Marathon, dinner with W. S. Merwin… what a banner year! And that’s only the stuff I know about!

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