Friday and Saturday

I met Laura after my flight last night and she and I and her mom had the most amazing Greek dinner. I was starving after my peanut butter got confiscated at the airport (I’d been planning a lunch of apples and peanut butter since I always dread airport food…. but apparently a jar of PB is a huge international threat…) so I finished all of my souflaka except for the fries. It was so wonderful to get fresh grilled chicken and the tzatziki (spelling?) sauce was killer.

We got to see the Acropolis at night, too. This still isn’t feeling real.

I got up early this morning to go to the expo and registration, but not before making a stop at Starbucks for my American food fix. (+ an apple and a banana was breakfast. I’m gonna have a big lunch and a light dinner so my stomach isn’t upset going into the race.)

The expo was fun! I went early and got my number and free, really legit-looking, tshirt, then wandered around for a while. I ended up buying a warm headband to wear tomorrow, since it’s supposed to be cold and windy and I didn’t pack one, but I didn’t pick up any shoes. They didn’t have the brand I’ve been wearing, so I decided to wait and shop around back in Florence. Plus, instead of having marathon discounts, it seemed like the prices were way high. (130 EURO?! for a pair of running shoes? excuse me, that’s not gonna happen.) But in the bag I got a shirt, a hat, my number, a fanny pack (not joking), and an info pamphlet. I bought two gels and an energy bar to carry in my pockets.

Seriously, how intense is that shirt? I will not be racing in it because that would be dorky, but I will be wearing it running many, many times in the future.

So, Laura and I found this sign at the finish section with a bunch of people who look really thrilled about running 26 miles, and have done so without breaking a sweat…

…So I decided to join them.

… And then take a normal picture.

I made a note of the second door of that Adidas-plastered tent: it’s the massage area. Free massages after a marathon? Yes, please. Followed by more Starbucks coffee and some baklava? Yes, yes, please.

So that’s Athens so far! Laura and her mom and I are about to walk up to a place with a lovely view of the city, then get some lunch, then I’ll try to stay more or less off my feet for the rest of the time, though it’s hard to ignore the urge of tourism in a place I’ve never been before!

Talk to ya soon,




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6 responses to “Friday and Saturday

  1. Jo

    Hi, Jane! I love your writing style. I feel like I am gearing up for that run right alongside you. Charlotte and Henry are coming over today so I will show them your blog and tell them that tomorrow is the big day. They will be excited for you, as am I. Hope you get lots of good rest today and that you feel fresh as a daisy tomorrow. Thanks for the posts — so fun for all of us! All the best, Jane! Love you!

  2. Laura

    It is fun for all of us! I totally agree. Wish we could be on the sidelines cheering you on. Hope you feel as fresh as those models at the finish line, whether or not you look it! : ) And while I wish you the best of luck, I suspect you don’t need it at all. Go, Jane!

  3. Patricia Wade

    All I can say Miss Jane is Awesome!

    Really proud of you and the pic with you running along the bill board….should be your Christmas card this year, it is so darn cute!!!!!

    XXOO – Aunt Patty

    P.S. Prayen for ya every step of the way!!!!!

  4. Dad

    Laughed out loud at the corn-pone shot of you joining in the run. Rooting all the way with you!

  5. Dad

    BTW – was in Athens in 1970 I think, and I remember the street food being fantastic – we college students would eat souvlaki after souvlaki with the tzatziki sauce and wash it down with Coke after Coke to the amazement of the Greeks. I have never had a gyro or souvlaki in the US that approached how great that stuff was. I also went to Delphi. Some guy told me I would have a beautiful daughter who would one day run the Athens Marathon. Weird, huh?

  6. Paula

    The gang at Dario’s is cheering for you, too! :) So are Steve and Emily and Tom B., Pete Z, the Henricks, and of course Dean Hurley!! The fan club is growing . . . Have a blast, Alpenrose!

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