The good kind, don’t worry!!

So many words of kindness and encouragement have been flowing in over the past week or so, and especially the past few days, and though I will be getting back to each of you individually (with an email and then a HUG next time I see you, and maybe some cookies), I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s been along for this whole adventure with its ups and downs, or looked at my blog even once, or told me the simplest “good luck” in passing at school; I love you all so much.

All of your words make me feel like this inside:

…If a picture of Parisian macarons accurately expresses an emotion… I’m pretty sure it does. :)

And if you’re wondering, yes, I ate those all in one sitting for lunch one day. Because they were TOO GOOD to stop after one. Or two. Or five.

Some of you have moved me to tears the way you’ve gone out of your way to let me know you’re cheering for me.

Seriously, I’m just overflowing with thankfulness and love. Since I’m skipping Thanksgiving this year in Italy, I’ll celebrate this Sunday while I’m running by thinking of all of you. It will make the hours fly by and keep my legs moving.

I love you all like crazy and am so, so blessed to have friends and family like you in my life.

You’re the best,




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6 responses to “Overwhelmed

  1. Paula

    You are the best! Love you tons! Please try and bring back some macaroons for us! :) xoxo Mom

  2. Jo

    What a sweet post, Jane! Do those macaroons ever look delicious! Yum! I think you should definitely bring some of those back for your folks to try! Love, Aunt Jo

  3. Patricia Wade

    Dearest Jane,

    Because you are my God Child you must give me a pass for all of my worries. I will be glad when you are back in the USA for Christmas and start the new year at Davidson. Your Mom and I will be in NC in the spring to visit you once again.

    I worry that you are over doing it because that is what I do best is worry. But on the other hand I am sooo very proud of you and you are doing all the things in life that I have just dreemped about. Good for you for going forward and not just dreaming but doing what your dreams are! I miss you and pray for you every day and I am so proud of the strong wonderful young woman you have become. My very best to you with this marathon of running, and strong mental strenght!!!! You are the Best…….xxoo Aunt Patty

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