So. Many. Things.

Hi, it’s been such a long time!

I took a little time off from Florenceland last week and jetted off to see three of my favorite people in France. Now I’m back home, dreaming of Chartres, Giverny, Fontainebleau, and Paris, but after wandering around Florence yesterday with Paul Van Peursem, a Davidson friend visiting from Geneva, my town is beginning to win my heart back.

This is Paul, starring in The Sound of Music. No but seriously. This is his life in Switzerland.

Thx, Facebook, for letting my steal your picture.

I took exactly eight pictures in Paris and only a few more in Giverny (and none at all in Chartres or Fontainebleau), because mostly during the trip I was focused on having a good time with my friends, and taking in all the beauty with my eyes instead of my camera. But because my mama loves Monet and his pink house, here ya go:

The fall colors were amazing and it was magical to be there, on the green bridges, and then a couple days later, to see the bridges painted in the Orsay.

In other news, today is my very special friend Emily Reich’s BIRTHDAY! She’s such a beautiful girl, one of my favorite people, a friend I grew up with at summer camp.

This is my favorite photo of us, freezing our butts off and so, so, happy and healthy in the Atlantic Ocean one summer when we were fifteen. Happy birthday, Em!

So now, I’m six days away from my first marathon, ever. Is this real life? I get to be one of those people with a big, boastful 26.2 sticker on her vehicle, on her water bottle, on anything it’s acceptable to brag about your marathon on. I won’t go so far as tattooing my bicep or anything, but I’m genuinely proud of this (almost) accomplishment and getting really excited for race day. Secretly, though, what I’m just as excited for is the EXPO! I’ve never been to one! And now I get to go, as a participant, with my very own number (I got an email from the staff and my number is 6772! It has a ring to it, don’t you think?) At the expo, I can’t wait to collect all sorts of free runner-food samples (energy bars, gels, the kind of stuff that looks like alien food to normal people) and keep my eyes out for a new pair of shoes as a treat. I’ll get a discount as a participant, and the ones I’m running the race in need to be thrown away immediately after. Unless you think I should bring a nasty pair of sneakers home to commemorate my first marathon, frame them in a glass box, and place them on the coffee table of my mom’s living room. Do you think I should do that? Or should I throw them away? ;) I’ve started reading the marathon website top to bottom, looking up the weather every day (Sunday is supposed to be 53, PERFECT running weather, except for the wind), and generally being obsessively excited.

More on that as it gets closer, and I think I’ll post my playlist when I make it too. It’s going to be epic. It’s going to be cheesy. And much of it will probably have been on the CD that played in my dorm bathroom freshman year, slaaaash down at the court. You know what I’m talking about, Beth, Laura, Corinne, Hannah… There will be Bruno Mars. There will be Akon, and Taio Cruz, and, yes, Cee Lo Green. And there will be plenty of hipster stuff too, just so you can still recognize me under all the hip-hop with good beats and throwaway lyrics. Get excited.

For now, I’m headed home to do a bit of schoolwork so I’m free to leave on Friday. I feel exhausted, and my room is in a shambles– I know after I unpack, hang up clothes, organize miscellaneous items, and throw out junk, I’ll feel like a new person. And what a relief to only run twice more this week!

Life is gooooood.

Love to all, thanks so much especially if you’ve continued reading this far in my long post…!




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3 responses to “So. Many. Things.

  1. (Heavens, Jane, if you think this is a long post you should try reading my last one. It didn’t even have pictures.)

    I wish you the best for your marathon, of course! You’ve done a fantastic job so far, and I can’t want to read your ~very detailed~ account of the event. Save room on your playlist for some Ludo.

  2. Paula

    Definitely keep the shoes. Daddy can photograph them for you, and they will make a great black and white! Definitely keep the shoes. Wear them home. xo Mom

  3. Laura

    Jane! What an epic semester this has been! Best of luck gearing up for the big day — I agree with your friend that your hard work is already done. Your training regimen is beyond admirable. And I love all the thoughts and reflections you’ve been sharing along the way. And I want to back up your mom on this one: definitely keep the shoes.

    Will be cheering all the way from Iowa!

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