Off My Game



I was out of town in the mountains with my parents this weekend, and I just knew a long run wouldn’t be possible. My philosophy this semester is to keep my priorities straight– they can get all sorts of wacky and off-balance when I return to Davidson, but not now. And family and friends definitely come before running. The only down side to that is that there have been a lot of family and friends around precisely when I’ve needed to do a lot of running.

Long story short, I missed my long run (18 miles) entirely this weekend. (Surprisingly to me, I say “missed” in the sense of skipped, but also in the sense of being sad that I couldn’t do it.)

Also I twisted my ankle on a hole in the sidewalk yesterday (curses, Florence, for not paving) and am definitely taking today off too, to be on the safe side with injury. That will make four days in a row off, and I don’t dare take more than that. Dean Hurley said he would pray with me through the computer, and I’d appreciate all of your prayers as well!

But it’s not the end of the world, I know many runners of my level have run marathons on less training than I’ve done, and that it’s about the journey and the learning. The race itself is like the after-party, as Emily says. What I think I’m going to do is run 10-12 on Wednesday to at least approach the idea of a long run, then my other two regular workouts Thursday and Friday, then leave for Venice Friday-Saturday. When I get home to Florence on Sunday, my only priority during the day is to do my last super-long run, 20 miles, and then happily begin the taper period. I could shorten my taper by a week to do both the 18 and the 20, but I’d rather show up at the race a little undertrained and excited than burned out, you know?

Off to shower and get ready for la scuola. Many things to accomplish today:

-Turn in my Art History midterm paper

-Take quiz in Italian on irregular verbs in the past tense. Hmm.

-Meet Mom and Dad for lunch at the Oil Shoppe and visit Florence’s oldest perfumery and pharmacy together

-Book a hostel for Laura and I in Venice

-Book a flight from Paris –>Madrid –> Granada (this is getting down to the last minute, eep)

Talk to you later!



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  1. Paula

    It was a joy and a pleasure to be with you the past several days. Thank you for showing us the incredibly lovely sites of Firenze! You are an amazing young lady, and God loves you. Miss you Alpenrose!

    xo Mom

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