The sun shines every day in Florence. It floods the piazzas and famous facades with light, and illuminates different angles of the narrow streets as it travels across the sky.

In this room, high up on the second story of Orsanmichele, the whole space is flooded with light: luminoso, as they say in Italian. There are 360-degree views through giant windows on all four sides of the space of some of the most beautiful buildings in Florence (the Duomo and campanile, Santa Croce’s facade, Palazzo Vecchio, and San Lorenzo’s dome to name a few). The ceiling boards are exposed, and they form a crisscrossing pattern in rich dark brown, a lovely contrast to the white walls and reddish tile floor.

If this space were to come on the market for real estate and I were to come into a huge fortune simultaneously, I would take it, turn it into an apartment, park my Vespa outside, and live there happily ever after.

What I do miss in Florence, though: nature and the stars. Here’s a lovely article, “In Defence of Darkness,” that’s more about being in support of moonlight. Which I most definitely am.

Where would you live, if you could pick anywhere in the world? Do you have a type of residence in mind? A houseboat? A tent? A cabin? A penthouse?




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  1. I would live in a cabin in the woods, so I could put to rout all that is not life and so that when it comes time to die, I won’t find that I did not live. Also, maybe Ireland.

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