About Words

Top 10 favorite words in the Italian language so far. Mostly because they’re so fun to say.

10. arrivederci = “see you later” to a group

9. un francobollo = a stamp

8. zuppa = soup

7. conoscere = to know a person or place

6. una cartolina = a postcard

5. rumoroso = noisy

4. una melagrana = a pomegranate

3. assaggiare = to try a new food (yes, they have a specific word for that)

2. innamorato = in love

1. luminoso/luminosa = filled with light, luminous

(I challenge you to create a sentence using all of those words.)

And here’s something to read, in case you’re feeling philosophical. Thanks to Kelly Wilson for sending this my way.

Arrivederci (now you know what that means!),


P.S. Pictured above: (1) a view of roofs in Cortona; (2) glorious prints and maps with which I want to cover my future house– the one on top is Venetia, Venice.


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  1. Paula

    Antique and rare maps are fascinating and beautiful. And so much can be learned about history just by studying them. How wonderful! Love, Mom

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