There’s No Such Thing as Coffee To Go in Italy

Sitting in my room for a few moments each morning with a caffe latte (that just means coffee with milk here, no fancy $4 Starbucks concoctions), checking a few emails or just gazing out the open doors, listening to the city wake up, is a routine I’m coming to depend on. And an afternoon cappuccino on campus has the same effect, I discovered today. Having coffee here is taking a breath. It clears your mind, energizes your whole body, and rejuvenates your spirit.

Though this is a small town, it runs like a city. Because of the premium on space, slender streets are crowded with foot, bike, motorcycle, and car traffic. You have to always be on the alert, walking, and being in the street tires out my senses. I like neatness, and the city is chaos. But another thing Italy is teaching me is to relax amid the chaos. Yesterday Paul said something about Italians’ ability to relax and its effect on their economy (you fill in the blanks) but it’s certainly true that no one’s in a hurry in this city. Though it seems like streams of traffic are always rushing by, if you accidentally step into the street, they’ll stop for you. And though I rarely check my clock anymore, I somehow always arrive at school in plenty of time.

I think that’s because I paused for my morning caffe. It sets the pace of the whole day. When you’re patient, everything else falls into place.



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3 responses to “There’s No Such Thing as Coffee To Go in Italy

  1. Ahh, how lovely! Russian culture is also fond of taking a breath over a hot beverage — though here it’s all tea. This is a daily habit I’m absolutely bringing back to the States. (Morning Summit dates?)

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