OM-aha, my Home-aha, it’s been real.

My Sweet City,

We rocked the park, and the studio, and the patio, with lots and lots of Yoga.

We went crazy for the College World Series and Paul put up with us.

You allowed me three months of family and tradition.

You brought me to Lina, Lora, and Nate, and back to Tom.

You gave me boredom, and I turned it into bread and books.

You landed me a real job, and sent me children to melt my heart.

We did the Midwestern thang together. The heat, the sky, the FOOTBALL, and the State Fair.

And now it’s time for me to say goodbye. You’ll always be my home.

Stay tuned for the next chapter… maybe I’ll write a note to every city I visit. :) xoxo


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One response to “OM-aha, my Home-aha, it’s been real.

  1. Paula

    I think I am going to cry . . . but wasn’t the Iowa State Fair a blast?!

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