The Value of Silence

…… I couldn’t resist. :)

So the other day I read this article, “The End of Solitude,” by William Deresiewicz, which Jeff sent to me because it was pertinent to one of our conversations.

I’d wanted to think and read and reflect a whole lot throughout this semester, and already suspected that the way to do that for real was to turn off the outside noise. Not just the radio, but the news, the cell phone, Facebook, email, even reading other blogs, and just take some time to go inside my own head.

It was the best idea ever. I’ve made little changes like driving in silence, reading more of the Bible, copying down favorite passages and poems of mine into a notebook, and asking myself what my concrete goals are and then writing them down. It’s really incredible– how much my brain will do when I stop feeding ideas conceived by someone else into it. I’ve already made progress on a project I wanted to realize this school year, finished more books in the span of two weeks than the rest of the summer, and improved my self-discipline.

And that glorious recovery run I took on Sunday? Completely in silence. If my music had been blasting, I wouldn’t have been able to hear St. Margaret Mary chime, children laugh in the park, or the “hellos” of other runners.

I really recommend reading that article; it opened my eyes to all sorts of things that can be achieved in solitude, and in silence.

More to read that will make you think:

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What about you… do you have music/texting/television going all the time or do you give yourself alone/quiet time? Is there a point when that becomes too much alone time?


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