Long Run Stats 8/27: Sweet Sixteen!

Ehhh. During the actual thing it wasn’t all that sweet, haha. But such is la vida when you decide to do insane things like run 16 miles on perfectly good Saturday afternoons. Afterward, though, such was my feeling of accomplishment that I couldn’t resist the impulse to post “16 miles FTW!” to my Facebook status. Yeah…

Instead of running 16 miles, I would rather have been…………

Riding a tandem bike! Preferably not alone ;) Spotted this one outside Second Chance Antiques. Wanna buy it.

But before I do the recap, I want to share that a young man by the name of Mitch W. is CANCER FREE as of today!!! I don’t know him personally, but he’s Paul’s close friend back in Dallas, and I was there for Paul during much of Mitch’s chemo process and I feel like I as good as know him. I cried tears of joy when I received the text with this beautiful news. God answers our prayers, folks.

I have to tell you– I got Paul’s text just as I was completing seven miles and nine more was looking like a lot. But then I became so thrilled for Mitch that finishing a long run no longer looked like any obstacle. I mean, this guy fought off freakin’ cancer, the least I could do was complete my run for the day. So thanks, Paul, and congratulations and love to Mitch– you two made it a great run.

Distance: 16– 7 outside and 9 in the gym, which gave me a 15-min break while I drove over there

Time: like…. a long time. Okay, aprox. 2 hours and 40 minutes, not including a couple of breaks. Prob came to 3 hours for the whole experience. See what I meant about taking up a perfectly good Saturday afternoon? Mrg.

Difficulty: 8/10 but I completed it, and survived.

Soreness: Knees started talkin’ to me for about the last 4-5 miles. Calves and feet are a bit sore now, and I bet hips will be tomorrow. We forget about our feet, y’know? They tote us around all day and barely get any thanks. Why is it only pregnant women get foot massages? Haha… I’m gonna give myself one tonight; my feet did hard work for me today.

Before: A marvelous bowl of oats involving PUMPKIN puree for the first time since last winter. Not sure how prevalent pumpkin’ll be in Italia, so getting my fix now. But once the leaves start to change over there, I’ll likely go into punkin withdrawals, and you’ll hear about it. ;)

Also before, community yoga class with the gorgeous Lina Lander… she’s been a new friend this summer, a lovely Canadian lady who teaches public health at UNMC. I lurve anybody who appreciates research! I’ll post a picture of us soon.

During: buckets of water (ducked into the cupcake place for a cup of water twice during my run outside and got dirty looks from the cupcake eaters, haha. wanted to tell them I’ve had more than my share of cupcakes this summer…) and a Pure Bar (choc. brownie goodness, of course) on the drive from the park to the gym.

After: after a short period of thinking I was going to die of hunger (I missed lunch) my parents and my aunt and I tried out a new restaurant at Midtown called Crave… it was great! I had some hummus and pita, a seaweed salad, a caterpillar roll (sushi), and split a peach/blackberry crisp with fried vanilla ice cream with the other three. Dinner success. I normally don’t like feeling full, but after being so exhausted and so hungry, finally feeling full after a huge dinner was bliss.

That’s it!! The run itself hurt for much of the time. I was probably strong for 4 miles of this one. It’s weird how that works, isn’t it? The day I ran 14, I was basically strong for the whole thing! But I’m getting over a mild cold (I’ve pretty much ignored it and hoped it would go away, and it did!) so that could play a part.

If you’ve stayed with my rambles this long, I definitely want to hear about your life…. How was your weekend, friends? Any fun/funny stories? Any good restaurants? Interesting thoughts? Do share!


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