1/3 of the Way There- Thoughts

I’ve been training for 6 weeks (and into my 7th) so since I started a 16-week plan two weeks early, this is the one-third mark.

  • I feel good! Not too physically exhausted, except on long run nights, and generally in good spirits, except for bouts of homesickness for Davidson and friends. And, I guess, long run nights I’m pretty emotionally drained, too, because all my willpower and positive self-talk gets channeled into the run. I thought it was weird how I was feeling irritable the night after a long run (and my parents were getting really frustrated with me), but then I remembered how drained to the point of illness I was after the half-marathon in April. I’m going to accept feeling out of sorts for an evening as part of the process, and just be aware of it in my interactions with people.
  • I’m generally decked out like this (with a pair of colorful Nike shorts or black leggings and my Brooks):

Fashion has officially been set aside for the summer.

  • The physical act of running has come to feel automatic. At the beginning of a run, it feels like the most basic movement, putting one foot in front of another, easy and thoughtless. By the end, especially on the BFH (translation: Big Hill) leading up to my house, the motion still feels automatic but it’s as if all nature’s forces are dragging me backwards with weights around the ankles and knees rather than allowing me to float.
  • Running heightens my senses. I notice the gentle physicality of cool wind, the perfection of a small boy silhouetted against the park sky, different layers in the smell of the air: rain, cut grass, car exhaust, another jogger’s cologne.
  • I’m tired a lot of the time; I’ve gotten a ton of reading done as a result.
  • I’m hungry about an hour before mealtime, regularly, and getting lax with myself about sweet treats again. Gotta stop that. I hate how sugar feels in my system and love how I feel without it.
  • Christine Marshall, an adored professor of mine, was right (as always): training for a marathon makes you live in the moment. I’m following a schedule, and it’s hard not to look ahead. But if I focused on the fact that my weekly mileage nearly doubles over the course of three weeks (yipes!) I would totally psych myself out and not feel appreciative that only three miles were scheduled for me today. During the run itself, I’m really zoomed in to my senses in each moment, and above eight miles or so, I slip into a sort of daze that makes my sensory observations seem really far in the distance.

And I’d just like to say thank you to my subscribers and readers, friends, and family who cheer me on in *real life* and on this blog! I couldn’t get motivated without you– I love you all.

That’s pretty much it! 12 weeks to go! Runners, do you share any of these experiences, or have any reflections on running to add?

xoxo Jane



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2 responses to “1/3 of the Way There- Thoughts

  1. Karyl

    The most running I do is on my treadmill – while reading a book. I do have a variety of approaches I can take – I can just do a gentle walk, or do a mountain trail – or about 8 other options I have not fully explored. I have not even tried to train for a marathon, and I doubt I will ever be ready to encounter that level of pain! My old knees and ankles would never forgive me! I am really impressed with your continued fortitude – in the heat this summer – the extra miles, the hills – and everything else that would so totally keep me at a snails pace – all I can say is that you are amazing!

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