Words to Live By

Because I love words. And pretty images containing them.

via Wit & Delight.

via Wide Open Spaces.



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4 responses to “Words to Live By

  1. great inspirational words to live…:-D

  2. Hi! I just seen your comment on Kath’s website and am SO impressed with you and your writing! I can’t believe your writing for Shape!! Do you mind if I “pick your brain” and ask how??! I’ve been trying to get into the magazines for years…and to no avail…I feel hopeless :(

    Florence? So exciting!

    • Don’t feel hopeless!! I just saw a niche that they didn’t have filled, and wrote a proposal to their editor offering to fill it! I don’t get paid though, haha :)
      Thank you for your sweet words! Writing is what I love so I take every opportunity I can find to do it. And yes, I’m traveling to Florence to run, write, and study my way through four months. I leave in a week, can’t wait!

      Thanks for stopping by, come again soon! xoxo

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