Adventures at the State Fair!

My sweet mama and I made a lil’ road trip yesterday…..

To the Iowa State Fair! And we had a blast. We’ve been living in NE all these years and never gone.

It’s been home of the butter cow for 100 years, and new this year, home of deep fried butter. 4oz of butter, on a stick, naturally, dipped in cinnamon sugar, deep fat fried, and drizzled with frosting. (!) This terrifies me, but apparently presidential candidate Rick Perry took at least one bite of the monstrosity, because it was caught on camera. So we didn’t partake of the fried butter, but here’s a little recap of fair awesomeness. Because if you didn’t know this about me, you do now: I LOVE STATE FAIRS. And nobody rocks a state fair like the Midwest does.

Things we didn’t do at the fair:

Eat deep fried mac n’ cheese.

Or fried twinkies.

Or fried Oreos, or fried candy bars….. you get the idea.

Get stuck on top of a bungee ride… though some other people did. There was major gaper’s block.

Things we did at the fair!!!

I got a new car….

…And a tattoo!

…… just kidding on both. Sat on some random person’s car ’cause it was schexy and the tattoo is henna. ;) But I did enter a raffle to win a horse. We’ll see how that turns out.

Mom got the corn dog she’s been dreaming of all week,

We saw some award-winning veggies (mmm beets),

Met some goat triplets just a few hours old,

And made a lil’ friend!!

He convinced us to take up dairy farming…









But these gloriously giant Belgian horses convinced us to take up hauling around heavy objects (or 19th Century firefighting)… so we’ll have to choose between these two promising professions.

We were thrilled with the whole day. I freaking love the state fair. We actually might go back on Friday, with my aunt. Train is playing that night so I’m lobbying for us to stay for the concert and drive back in the morning. On that note, my prayers are with state fair-goers in Indiana affected by the concert stage collapse. <3

What about you? Is there a state fair near your home, and are you a fan of it, or not? Do you have something that really makes the summer summery for you?


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