Foodie Troubles

I wrote about the past few days being rough, and though runs always help my mood, I was still feeling a little rough as of last night. A lot of it, I am sure, was coming from a significantly increased daily sugar intake over the past month, which began with our vacation to Wyoming involving five course dinners every (yes, every) night, continuing through numerous birthdays and celebrations among my family and friends, and culminating in my discouraging trip to J.Crew yesterday evening to try on jeans.

I document some of my meals here, especially if I cook them myself, but a lot of the homemade cookies / birthday fruit tart / random M&Ms / cupcake with Tom / going away cake at work (Jordan got it for me, pictured above) hasn’t wound up here on the blog, but it’s wound up in my metabolism and it’s taking a toll. I normally have much better self control when it comes to sweets, but the more I eat, the more I crave. Besides that, since beginning marathon training I’ve held the attitude that I can eat whatever I want, but the reality is that I’m currently at 30 miles per week, which is only 5 more than I would run under normal circumstances, which means only 500 extra calories per week.

So, yeah, the jeans were tight. It was humbling. I’m actually amazed that I haven’t gained more than I have (which is only a little bit), and thank God for good genes. I’m getting back on track now, making sure to eat balanced meals and eat regularly enough that I’m never stuck by a plate of brownies with a grumbling stomach. On top of my runs, I’m adding at least one low-impact form of exercise per day: walking my dog, taking a bike ride, swimming, or practicing yoga. And I’ve decided upon a bold move: I’m going to remove the sugar from my diet– including flavored coffee drinks– with the exception of one treat per week. I haven’t been feeling good because I haven’t been putting real fuel in my body for a while, and it’s time to change that. And I’m confident that by the time I leave for Florence in three weeks, I’ll be feeling strong and my healthy habits will be re-established and much easier to hold onto during a semester of traveling.

Wish me luck! I felt I had to get that off my chest, thanks for listening.

Xo Jane



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