Two awesome things!

1. The dinner I had last night:

Arugula, beet, and goat cheese salad with grilled salmon. After these incredible grilled brussels sprouts and a hummus and veggie plate.

2. Yesterday I reached out to Melissa at It’s Yoga Firenze about her studio’s teacher training program this October. Since I knew teacher training was an intense time commitment and many programs are spread over six months, and that I would be busy with full-time school and marathon training, I didn’t have high hopes for being able to manage the 28-day program on top of that. But I figured I would be practicing at her studio anyway (the website is in English and there are pictures and instructor bios which was a good sign) so I decided to say hello.


This is the reply I got:

Namaste Jane

How are you? I am so glad you found us…
I have a open policy regarding students. Here in Florence as you know there are many Universities. A large percentage of the students practice at the studio and I have in the past set up special schedules for those doing a teacher training.
I simply ask that with in the 28 days you fit in all your practices and studies. We can play with times.
Let me know if you have any specific questions and I happy to answer them all!

Love and Light, Melissa
This response pretty much made my day. I’m pinching myself that I could be doing teacher training in Florence under such a sweetheart as Melissa. I replied to her with questions about pricing and time commitment, but I really think this could work out! Of course I shouldn’t have expected anything less from a yogi than openness, flexibility, and love. :)

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