Long Run Stats 7/30

My friend Tom and I decided to take our long run along the Wabash Trace Trail in Council Bluffs, Iowa yesterday in the late afternoon. It was a really pretty route with all sorts of lovely rural Midwestern scenery. The trail slopes slightly uphill on the way out, so I felt like the way back should have been easier than it was. Hmm…

We had an adventure!

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 110-ish minutes. We stopped for some breaks.

Difficulty rating: 8.5/10. It was hot and humid though we were in the shade much of the time, but we didn’t plant any water along the way. Once we were fully dehydrated, running got really hard. Tom was super positive but by the last three miles I was hitting the wall and we were speaking in monosyllables. Sorry, friend…

Wore: Same Lulu crops (they’re magic), same shoes and everything, but switched out the tank for a Nike DryFit Cotton tshirt. Very comfy.

Blisters: none, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about this top… Look at the back view. It’s just too cute.

Soreness: back: lower and upper, for some reason. Might have been leaning funny on the incline or just using bad form cause I was tired.

Temp outside: Probably about 90 and humid. Eeps.

Entertainment: talking to Tom, Tom singing, the scenery (Olivia and Hannah Marie, he was singing none other than HORSE OUTSIDE because we ran past some horses and, well, it’s just the best song to run to.) Warning to my wonderful aunts and uncles, you probably don’t want to click that link.

Recovery: tons and tons of water, driving with the windows down to some really great ’90s music, a mango/banana/soy smoothie from Caffeine Dreams, a huge (sweaty) hug from Joe (he’s one of my favorite people ever and he’s been gone all summer), AND…………

One large Zio’s pizza. Half chicken feta, half chicken pesto. That thing tasted like the best food I’ve ever eaten. We demolished it.

Jane and Tom: 1. Pizza: zero. I consider that an accomplishment.

Afterwards we jumped in the pool at my house and crashed to watch the always delightful 500 Days of Summer.

It was quite the adventure all in the name of running, which I think bodes well for many adventures-in-the-name-of-running over the next four months.


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  1. Karyl

    The heat and humidity yesterday was unbearable – I cannot believe that you took a ten mile run, and lived to tell about it! The pizza looked like the best part of the adventure to me!!! Which kind did you like best – I have not had the pleasure of either kind, unfortunately!

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