Long Run Stats 7/23

I actually did my long run on the proper day this time…

Distance: 12 miles

Time: 120 minutes

Difficulty rating: 5/10 (felt like I could have done a few more miles… always reassuring)

Wore: exact same thing as last week

Blisters: zero, but a rub under my arm; I need to find a new top to wear. Lululemon, I hear you calling my name.

Soreness: hips during and after; knees for a few miles during

Temp outside: around 90 and humid, did the gym again but really need to wean myself of that

Entertainment: music. I’ll post a playlist soon.

Recovery: the ever-present coconut water right after, and 75 minutes of yoga this afternoon. Just found out Zico comes in chocolate? (And LaCroix comes in coconut?!) May have to try both of those out. :)

Since I started training 2 weeks early and have completed both preliminary weeks, I’m going to repeat those first weeks and then push on forward! I’m really glad I started when I did, because the 10 and 12 both felt great and I’ve gained a lot of confidence through those runs. It’s nice to know that now I get to repeat them and build base strength before quickly accelerating to 18- and 20-milers.

So I feel like my life is kind of repetitive since I’m going to make the same bread recipe again today and do things like work, yoga, and reading on a daily basis, but there have been some new things happening this week. Here are the highlights:

  • Jazz on the Green has started and last week was big band swing music. I went with a friend from work, enjoyed a picnic, and danced a little. Can’t wait for Thursday to roll around again!
  • Saw the last Harry Potter movie! Even though I never read the books and have only seen a few of the movies, I love the series in my own way. :)
  • I tried out this new organic grill/deli thing in Omaha called Blue Planet and I give it a 10/10. The food is simple and fresh, they have sweet potato fries but don’t deep fat fry them, and the vibe is casual and fun. I would go there for lunch or dinner any time, and plan to a lot more this summer.
  • Probably because of the bread, I’m obsessing over local honey and preserves right now. I bought apple butter, raspberry jalapeño jelly, and honey from a farm in Ralston. Acquired all of this at my favorite place… you guessed it… the farmer’s market.
  • Bought too many books again. But Borders is having a huge sale, what’s a girl to do?! I still need a learning-Italian book though.

Aight friends, that’s all, back soon with a sweet chickpea salad recipe from none other than the illustrious Runner’s World, and perhaps a new “Recipes” tab to contain all this greatness. We shall see.

<3 Jane


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