Happy Fourth!

Happy Independence Day, mes amis! I’m chillin somewhere in western Wyoming right now, with sore knees from sitting in the car all day but a promising-looking fitness center in the motel. This photo of our annual blueberry-pie-on-the-fourth-of-July is making my tummy grumbly; we made it a couple days ago and it was amazing as always. Dinner tonight is looking not to be burgers and pie but Mexican or a steakhouse (where I’ll convince them to concoct me a salad) which is a little unconventional but we’ll deal! We’re going to Jackson / Jenny Lake / Vail, CO which are some of the most beautiful, fun, relaxing, and nature-tastic places I’ve ever been.

I love both of these states because of the attitude held by people who live in or near the Rockies. It seems that they’re always out in the fresh air and sunshine (and these are very sunny and fresh places), hiking, riding bikes, trail running, paddling, riding horses, playing Frisbee, or just generally enjoying their gorgeous situation in the mountains. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but Colorado is my #1 choice of a place to live when I officially move out. Though I do love my Homaha.

Anyway, just wanted to stop in and wish you a fantastic holiday. Hittin’ the road again tomorrow. (Update on the motel fitness center: it exists. I didn’t use it.)

Peace & Patriotism, Jane


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