Nutrition for Runners


So I told you how I finally got on the vitamin bandwagon (only to learn of course, that for serious runners, being on glucosamine is a given and a necessity, and then feeling silly). But I don’t make my vitamins carry all the weight when it comes to nutrition– I eat a mostly clean diet (with the occasional Reese’s PB Cup that I never feel guilty about) and avoid soft drinks altogether.


(A dinner last week- Whole Foods salad bar: a cauliflower and broccoli salad, a quinoa/fruit/nut salad, 2 mini falafels, hummus, 2 mini veggie dumplings, Romaine salad with tomatoes, avocado, and feta. Plus a baguette slice.)

So with all the vegetarian / vegan / seagan / gluten free trends swirling around, I’ve messed around with quite a few of them. Instead of making a strict regimen though, I continue as an organic omnivore because it’s proven to be the easiest way to get energy and nutrients. Here’s a list of some staples:
Bran cereal (I like Cascadian Farm’s Healthy Morning)
Roasted almonds
Coconut water
Black coffee with vanilla soy milk
Nonfat organic yogurt
Skinless chicken breasts
Thunderbird salads
Olive oil
Cheese (I looove cheese)
Dried fruit (apricots and cranberries mostly)
Carrots and hummus
Roasted tomatoes
Bell peppers
Whole grain bread
Peanut butter
Dark chocolate (65% cacao or more)

(Top: Fresh veggie plate; Bottom: lunch today- Trader Joe’s Carrot Ginger Soup, organic peach yogurt, organic nectarine, iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.)

So that list is just off the top of my head, there are lots more foods that I eat regularly, including sweets. I’m paying really close attention to what I put on my body right now because as weekly mileage increases, train gain becomes a threat. One of my downfalls is coming home from a run and downing several handfuls of granola, often equal to several hundred calories. I’m trying to break that habit.

I hit the road tomorrow for a vacation so I’ll have a long car trip to catch up on a lot of the posts sitting in my head, begging to be let out. Get excited, I know I am.


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