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Battling my Monsters

Summer is being summer around here, and that means all baseball all the time, swims instead of showers, fresh fruit and vegetables, and an upcoming trip to the mountains.

There are a few things I want to talk about, and the first is why I haven’t been posting- it’s cause I haven’t been running. The shin-splints-and-sore-knees monster snuck up on me one day and bam, running became extremely painful. I know part of it is that I did a couple runs on concrete and won’t be making that mistake again. But I also wasn’t following some major commandments of distance running: thou shalt strength train and thou shalt take thy vitamins. I’ve started on glucosamine and a multivitamin and my knees are feeling measurably stronger, but I still need to get less noodly and more effective with weights (personal trainer sesh, maybez?) (Just thought you should know, my phone auto-corrects ‘sesh’ to ‘swag’ and I find that pretty awesome.) As proof that the vitamins are working, my wonderful boyfriend Paul was in town this weekend and we went running two days in a row, both on concrete: an easy 4 miles through the park and a local 5k the next day. No sass from either shins or knees and I’m so relieved. I was worried I might have a stress fracture and would have to give up this whole thing. When I fret worst-case-scenario like that again, please give me a kick in the

The reason I was bothered by being laid up (if using the elliptical counts as that) was less about the pain or the time crunch, and more that I felt like I was missing part of my identity. I’m a runner, and without running, I wasn’t sure how to manage emotional moments, stress, or find a replacement workout that felt both extremely challenging and extremely satisfying. Everytime I drove past someone jogging on the road, I envied them their luxury and longed to get back out there. So if this weekend is any indication, and if I don’t forget my vitamins like I did this morning, I think I’m set to build my distance back up and get back on track! Cross your fingers I can stay injury free.

I want to come back tomorrow and talk about eating (with pictures) so get excited!

Peace friends,


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