Positive Energy

As I’ve been out and around the city the past few days, on foot or in the car, I’ve been noticing so many people outdoors, active, and happy. Maybe it’s because the winter cold is so oppressive, but Omaha bursts into life when the days begin to heat up. People are taking advantage of outdoor seating, playing soccer in the park (I’ve noticed numerous games, one in which the guys were in khaki pants and button-downs still from work), walking their dogs, cycling just for the fun of it, strolling with their dates and friends, and most recently, practicing yoga in the park.

This afternoon, I attended an event called Yoga Rocks the Park, started in Denver and new to Omaha this summer, a weekly free yoga class, outdoors under the sunshine of Turner Park, sponsored by local businesses and accompanied by live local music. The 75 minute class this afternoon was one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had. There were at least 150 yogis of all ages and levels, and everyone was mingling, chatting, and getting their flow on to some fantastic reggae.

After my 9-mile long run yesterday, some yoga was exactly what I needed to stretch out my muscles and detox all the lactic acid. Yoga and running have always worked together to keep my body strong and limber and my mind sane, and apparently Lululemon thinks the same thing. They just opened a showroom here in town about a week ago, which I’m so excited about, and they’re also offering free Vinyasa classes on Saturday mornings. Great because now I’ll need to pay for fewer classes this summer!

Image via Yoganonymous.


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