Waiting for summer to take shape

First of all, it’s raining all the time. Which made for a really cute photo shoot with my best friend Sara and fabulously talented photographer friend Kallie, but it’s not very energizing. Running in the rain is only exciting so many times, then I choose to stay in and read (100 pages of) a great book and wind up seriously restless. This is what I want summer to look like instead:

This photo caught my eye because I have that same copy of Wuthering Heights (bottom left corner) and it looks like a great picnic companion. Maybe I’ll invite it along, if the sun ever comes out. In other news, as soon as I get to Italy I’ll be able to realize my picnic dream of grabbing a bottle of wine, a hunk of bread, a wedge of cheese, and someone sweet, but for now in my style-cramping underage state, it’s PBJs, apples, and iced tea. Not so bad really. Peanut butter at least is the food of the running gods.

I guess, by ‘Waiting for summer to take shape,’ I also meant ‘Waiting for this project to take shape.’ This blog with such a clear vision has begun a little haphazardly. I have to begin training while I’m here in Omaha so I thought I might as well begin writing, though the project doesn’t commence for real until September. But the writing isn’t anything like poetry or creative nonfiction– my amazing friend Jeff’s suggestion to add to the project. It’s just these little musings on what’s in my head and before my eyes. Maybe something will come of them. But I have a couple bare bones of ‘real’ writing projects in the works, which I’d love to share with you when there’s a draft. One of my obstacles to progress has been removed now that Glee is over for the season, so all I need to do now is put down Atonement and spend time with my notebook. I’ll let you know how that goes. :)



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